At Bulldog Mobile Billoards, we offer billboard advertising services designed to make an impact for your brand without taking a large bite from your marketing budget. When investing in our vehicles, a thorough review of the major mobile billboard truck manufacturers was made with our advertisers in mind.

Our billboard trucks provide:

  • Full color billboard signs in a variety of sizes with teh option of scrolling billboards on select trucks
  • Easy to chage, duplicate and store billboard system
  • Virtual showcase opportunities (using all three windows)
  • Street team distribution of product, coupons and premiums


Our billboard trucks travel throughout your market on pre-determined routes during prime time traffic periods. We are driven to obtain maximum exposure for your message. Our routes are based on the latest traffic counts targeting streets to maximize exposure!

We identify morning and afternoon rush hours, evening and weekend routes while scheduling exposure during dozens of special events happening in your area.

We helpcreate billboard ad campaigns based on YOUR Needs in YOUR Market. Whether your business has a new product, grand opening or requires a branding jump start, Bulldog Mobile Billboard Marketing will drive your message where others can’t.

Our Advertising Does Not:

  • require your customer to buy and read a newspaper or magazine
  • allow your customer to change the TV or radio channel
  • allow your customer to walk to the fridge or TIVO through commercials

Bulldog Mobile Billboard Ads Do:

  • require your customer to see the colorful, larger than life mobile, scrolling message!

Our billboard trucks are great for guerrilla-styled advertising. Just wait until you try Bulldog Mobile Billboards Outdoor Marketing!