Why Mobile Advertising?
In 2006, Bulldog Mobile Billboards was created to provide Out-of-Home Experiential marketing options for companies and agencies searching for an alternative to legacy advertising such as Radio, TV and Newspaper. Today, Bulldog Mobile Billboards is an award winning firm that enjoys featuring our client’s story on a variety of mobile advertising vehicles, nationwide. We integrate uniformed street teams on foot, scooters, and Segways to compliment our concept trucks and large format vehicles such as the Advertising Display Cube. Bulldog Mobile Billboards delivers the most eye-catching, innovative and cost effective advertising in the market today. Whether using mobile billboard trucks, three dimensional concept trucks or the Cube, we offer you the least expensive way to reach an average of 50,000 impressions a day!

Revolutionizing the Advertising Industry
Businesses are searching for new and creative ways to get brand messaging through to consumers. Mobile Advertising Vehicles give them a medium that reaches valuable prospects. Ours are not typical advertising that people often ignore. Bulldog Mobile Billboards grabs your potential customer’s attention and does not let go. In today’s chaotic media climate, this break through is hard to find.

Compelling Delivery
One of the reasons our ads deliver such an impact is that we understand the value of “Method of Delivery”. Our presentation is an experience that cannot be forgotten. People can’t miss your oversized message as it is driven when and where you direct.

Messages on outdoor mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate!
– RYP and Becker Group

Frequency, Versatility and Penetration!
That is what you should demand from your advertising – and you get it with our mobile billboards. You name the target and we become the driving force that gets your message in front of your potential buyers. We go where your buyers go!

Unlimited Options and Flexibility
We have the flexibility that you cannot find with other media. You can change your marketing message by the week or by the day. Want to use the same ads again at a later date? No problem! We will store it for you. We can do what TV, radio, newspaper and stationary billboards cannot match – and we do it for less!

Studies show that 96% of the viewers of mobile outdoor advertisements say they have more impact than a static billboard.
– American Trucking Association Study

Route Analysis
People always ask, do you just drive around all day? The answer is absolutely not! We go where you tell us. At Bulldog Mobile Billboards, we prefer clover leaf intersections to provide our advertisers the most impressions possible.

We guarantee our customers drive time hours each week based on their selected day time, night time, week-day and weekend routes. We guarantee and prove performance with our independent, on line GPS reporting tool and digital photographs.

Bulldog Mobile Billboards Delivers
Our routes are determined for each client. Whether we are targeting one or several major markets simultaneously, we take direction from our clients as park and drive routes plans are created. We go after your target market for grand openings, product launches, and special tours.

Media Comparison
It’s no contest. Stretch your ad dollars with us as we are affordable! Your advertising dollars will not only gain more impressions and higher-impact advertising, but you will receive them at a lower cost. And, we handle everything!

Average CPM comparison: Adults 18+

Newspapers Television
Half Page B&W $23.32 00:30 Second ROS $20.54
Quarter Page B&W $11.66
Radio Magazine
:60 Drive-time $7.28 4-Color Full Page $9.62
Outdoor $4.73
Bulldog Mobile Billboards
WITH Daily Proof of Performance Available $2.60

Printable Media Kit (pdf – 466kb)
Concept Truck Printing Specs [pdf]
FTP Upload Instructions [pdf]