Bulldog Mobile Billboards provides unique mobile advertising and direct mobile marketing channels for San Antonio.  Working with Mattel, Weleda, Brides.com, Method and even Dr. Suess Cat-a-Van, our mobile billboards attract more than a crowd.  Everyone in San Antonio stops and gawks, especially when our living mobile billboards arrive in town.

Whether you’re a San Antonio advertising agency desperate to make your clients stand out – or just need a new way to get your message out to others in San Antonio, TX, Bulldog Mobile Billboards will help you shine and attract tons of new customers.

Our brand ambassadors can go along with a glass concept truck and complete a full tour of San Antonio – or you can pick your spot and we’ll park it to maximize your exposure.

Below are a few examples of the fanfare generated.

If you have questions or need a quote for a Mobile Billboard Campaign in San Antonio, call (214) 724-2729.

Mattel’s Ken Doll 50th in N.Y.


Brides.com in N.Y.


Method in New York