Today’s episode was filmed with Phil Provost and his use of the XL Glass Walled Display Truck for Reviver Restaurant in Manhattan, NY.  The audio is weak so here is a transcript of the conversation.

Rod: Hi, I’m here with the Bulldog Vlog, where we talk about experiential marketing and out-of-home advertising. I’m here with Phil Provost with PSP media. Tell us what we’re doing. It looks like we’re cooking inside the XL Glass Walled Truck.

Phil: Yes we are indeed, and yes Rod, thank you for providing this great truck. What you provided us with is amazing. Reviver approached us after doing a few events with them. They wanted to do something a little grander, a little bit different, street marketing. We gave them this idea of the glass wall truck to get the word out, and we also have Chef Scott doing a cooking demonstration inside of the truck. It’s drawing crowds as you can see. Consumers seem to love it, and it’s driving traffic to the restaurant, so pretty much all of our goals and objectives have been achieved by doing it in this wonderful truck.

Rod: Tell me where the restaurant’s located.

Phil: The restaurant’s located on 8th Avenue and 55th Street over in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in Manhattan which is a big business district, not residential. The core audience for the restaurant are people who are looking to eat healthy. It’s a fast, casual restaurant providing healthy gourmet food at a preferable price. We have Chef Scott here who is the master of the menu from Hell’s Kitchen and Food Network fame.

Rod: I do believe I’ve seen him on television.

Phil: Yes, a lot of people in the city here have recognized him. We’ve got the celebrity presence here, and he’s cooking some great food, and handing out some great samples, so I’m real happy.

Rod: He’s not just doing samples and a cooking demonstration, but I noticed people wanted to have a selfie with him throughout the morning.

Phil: Yes, indeed. The celebrity really carries some weight here in New York.

Rod: Tell me about your company. How long have you been doing experiential marketing?

Phil: Myself personally, I’m president now of PSP Media. Personally, I’ve been doing experiential now for close to 18 years, so a good amount of time. We now have our own agency here that I founded 3 years ago. We do a lot of experiential live events, grow marketing, out-of-home advertising. These are the kind of things that are our expertise, and a lot of things we just love to do and our clients love.

Rod: Is most of the work you do in Manhattan, or no?

Phil: No, we’re national. We do programs, pretty much the top 10 markets and beyond. We do a lot of New York, a lot of LA, a lot of Chicago, so those are the big markets where brands like to do these type of street activations.

Rod: Tell me what you like most about experiential marketing.

Phil: I really like that with the world going very digital these days, I think that there always also has to be high touch elements with anything that you use as part of the media and marketing mix. We really find that these kind of experiential events really take care of that high touch element: get your product in people’s hands, getting them to try your product, driving the retail, and doing all those things that are a good kind of addition to your digital and TV plan and everything else. I think this is something that brands really do find a lot of value, and a lot of lift in sales, and their goals are always achieved when doing these kinds of things.

Rod: I want to thank you personally. It’s been great to work with you. The branding and the graphics have been fantastic. It’s a great use of this vehicle.

Phil: Indeed, yes. Thank you for providing such a wonderful truck and for doing such a great job here. Thank you.

Rod: Everybody, don’t forget to subscribe and ask any questions if you have any, and we’ll continue to do experiential and out-of-home marketing. You’ve got a choice in your media mix. Please, remember to use experiential and out-of-home marketing, thank you.


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