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Lennox Industries called mobile advertising vehicle expert Rod Collins to consult on their project. The company needed five mobile display units designed and purchased for their regional sales teams. Collins helped source the vehicles, build out the trailers, vinyl wrap the inside and outside of the trucks and write the campaign protocol. These trucks act like functional trade show exhibits – what product line do you need to take on tour and present to your potential customers?

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Our customers value the Bulldog Mobile Billboards combination of outdoor advertising with unique guerilla marketing. Executives responsible for national advertising and local branding rate our system exponentially higher than standard static outdoor ads and truck-side advertising. Call Rod Collins at (214) 724-2729 to find out why!

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Bulldog toured DC, Philly, NYC and Boston with the Mindy Project Mobile with TV coverage in each city.

Mobile Billboard Advertising with Bulldog

Bulldog Mobile Billboards provides a unique, effective and exciting advertising medium. After more than 400 campaigns under our belt, glass walled display truck campaigns have not only become our niche, but we have access to more glass display vehicles than any other group in North America.  Whether on tour with the one and only Advertising Display Cube or our latest giant glass walled display truck, we can market dozens of cities simultaneously. With a 97% recall rate & immediate results, mobile billboard advertising is one of the most effective marketing and advertising tools available. Our ad trucks come in a variety of sizes allowing you the most flexibility for your new advertising campaign.

Bulldog Mobile Billboards now gives you the widest selection of mobile billboard trucks available nationwide. You can choose from a back-lit, glass walled truck, a 3-D mobile showcase that captures over 98% of its audience or a static, Giant Mobile Billboard with NO long term contract requirements.

Based in Dallas, TX, with half of our ad truck fleet based in N.Y.C., Bulldog Mobile Billboards is the only place where you can cut through the advertising clutter with dedicated campaigns and you can request our mobile billboard rates online. Whether you want a pre-selected route or a custom route based on your preferences, all campaigns come backed with a GPS tracked guarantee!

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Donald Trump’s All-Star Celebrity Apprentice television show required two glass walled concept trucks for a challenge promoting hair product brands Chi and BioSilk on an episode this season. His producers called on Bulldog Mobile Billboards to provide two identical trucks prepped with vinyl wrap for each brand. Trucks were driven from the studios to Manhattan’s Flatiron District, where the campaigns were conducted and the show went into production without a hitch. Claudia Jordan might disagree as she was FIRED at the end of the episode!

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice

Mobile Billboard Advertising has proved so effective that Fortune 500 companies use our mobile advertising vehicles nationwide to regularly promote their locations and brands.

Bulldog Billboards - Whirlpool Celebrates Their 100th Birthday

Whirlpool wanted to celebrate their 100th birthday with a mobile kitchen displaying their state of the art refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave. Bulldog's Advertising Display Cube fit the bill for ten days in New York City!

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Now Available Nationwide! Call 214-724-2729 to Order Giant Billboards Driven and Strategically Parked in Your Desired Markets.

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Drive Your Message & Gain New Customers with Bulldog Mobile Billboards.

Bulldog Mobile Billboards belongs to two mobile advertising affiliations. Call us for marketing campaigns utilizing over 170 vehicles nationwide.

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