Our billboard ad trucks advertising packages can include:

  • One to three sides of billboards with the same or multiple scrolling advertising messages.
  • With simple modification, we can feature your product in mobile showcase fashion by removing all advertising to promote your services in three see-through windows. Picture a scooter or motorcycle store front, a furniture concept, or a certain pro football cheerleading squad advertising your brand!
  • Our Street Team can distribute your company’s coupons, smoothies, new product samples and premium items at special events or even in parades!

The mobile billboard advertising service that DOESN’T REQUIRE ANNUAL CONTRACTS!


Did You Know

  • Most Americans travel by vehicle each week – 29% of whom are in cars up to 2 hours a day!
  • 80% of Americans state they have walked over 6 miles in metropolitan areas.
    (Arbitron and EMR)
  • Messages on mobile advertising have a 97% recall rate!
    (RYP & Becker Group)
  • Mobile advertising generates 250% more attention than a static billboard! (PRS)
  • Heavy commuters make more money, drive more, have a higher education and are more likely to have children!
  • On a conservative estimate of 120,000 impressions in a 10-hour day, the CPM rate for outdoor mobile billboard advertising is less than $6.00. (RSC)

Let Bulldog Mobile Billboards feature your brand at DFW based:

  • Grand Openings
  • Concerts
  • Holiday Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Recruitment Events
  • Conventions / Trade Shows
  • New Product Rollouts

Our ad trucks are great for guerrilla-styled advertising. Just wait until you try Bulldog Mobile Billboards Outdoor Marketing!

Bulldog Bicycle Street Teams Now Available!


In addition to our glass walled display vehicle fleet, we have a rich tradition of Mobile Billboard Advertising with our billboard trucks. This T-Mobile campaign was driven around Southlake and Grapevine, Texas featuring large bright billboards. We strategically drove and parked at our client’s direction.